Komali's Jedi Order


Welcome to Komali's Jedi Order.

Unfortunately, the Order has now closed. However, I have left the teachings on here for those who wish to learn from them. Please, if you use them on another site - give due credit to this site.

The teachings here will give you a basic understanding of how to be a Jedi. By thinking about your life you will develope an understanding of your life. This will allow you to develope an understanding of how to deal with the hardships life throws at you as well as finding inner peace. I wish you luck with your studies. Use what you learn well.

The Force will be with you....always.


Health and Safety

Physical training and developing psychic abilities is generally safe, but like anything there is an element of risk involved. By doing any of the techniques on this site you are accepting the risks involved in the technique. Realise that the techniques, though are fun, can be dangerous to yourself and others.

We cannot be held responsible for any injury that occurs to anyone from the content of this site.